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About us

Over the past 30 years, Tessuto has grown into a serious player in the market for cold storage and freezer clothing. That is why it was a more than interesting company for the new owners Erik Klijnsma and Joris van Calcar. In October 2020 they took over the company.

Joris van Calcar: “Tessuto is a good example of a solid producer who always delivers quality and therefore has enough potential to grow. We are working hard to bring the company to the next level and we want to increase our current market share in the Netherlands, Germany and France step-by-step.”

Own production facility

One of Tessuto’s major advantages is its own production unit in the Netherlands. This makes the company one of the most flexible producers of freezer and cold store clothing. Many suppliers depend on producers on the other side of the world. Quality is also produced in Asia, but the distance to the factories is big, so checks are less frequent and changes cannot be implemented just like that. At Tessuto, the office and production unit work under the same roof.


A customer calls. They have thought about it and still want an extra pocket on the pants of the freezer coverall.
Is that possible?
Tessuto’s employee walks to the studio and checks the status of the order.
Two minutes later, the customer receives a call: “No problem.”
Together with the customer, it is then determined what the size of the extra pocket should be and exactly where it should be placed. Perhaps a refreshing idea to put the pocket on the pants in a different color?

About fifteen minutes after the first phone call, the customer knows whether it works, he/she has a realistic picture of what the change will look like and what the possible extra costs are. We call that flexibility.
The big advantage of having a local studio.


Tessuto also takes great value in the footprint that the company leaves behind.
Van Calcar: “Nowadays, quality can be easily achieved with largely sustainable materials. We make an increasing proportion of our clothing from recycled PET bottles and materials. It remains handmade clothing in which you can move comfortably, but we are also happy to contribute to the climate solution. We of course have a responsibility towards our customers in this regard. Ultimately, it is also their footprint.”

Custom Made

Tessuto not only produces and supplies standard corporate clothing from its own production unit. In addition to our basic collection, we also make workwear in any desired company color, with or without logos. We are not afraid of any question and usually have a suitable solution.
We are also a supplier of other protective products. Thanks to the many years of cooperation with a large number of producers, we have quite a bit of influence on the composition of their collections. In most cases, this close relationship means that we are also very flexible here and find a solution for (almost) every conceivable question with the relevant producer.

Help needed?

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