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The right composition for the highest quality

Years of experience and research have resulted in a careful composition of materials. Due to the best combination, the effectiveness of our clothing is optimal and durability is guaranteed. This ultimately ensures optimal protection against low temperatures in the most comfortable clothing.

The outside of Tessuto clothing consists of a wear-resistant nylon. A High-tech Fiber of at least 300 g/m² is used as filling. Depending on the working conditions of the employee, this filling can be increased.

In addition to the necessary warmth, Tessuto clothing still offers sufficient insulation after regular cleaning. The smooth, red interlining made of 100% polyester allows freedom of movement and easy putting the clothing on and off.

Tessuto freezer clothing is certified according to the European standard EN 342.

Below the specifications of our quality clothing.


Classification:  0.515 m² K/W (B)
Clo value: 3.32
Ventilationcapativity: 2


Very light activity: 8 hours by -5°C | 1 hours by -27 °C
Light activity: 8 hours by -17°C | 1 hours by -49°C
Moderate activity: 8 hours by -45°C |  1 hours by -65°C


Small: 46/48
Medium: 50/52
Large: 54/56
XL: 58/60
XXL: 62/64
XXXL: 66


The freezer clothing from our production is largely produced sustainably. For this we use materials that are made of approximately 80% recycled PET bottles.

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