Repareren bedrijfskleding bij Tessuto
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Repair work clothing

All employees can wear new.
It looks nice and works well, therefore, everyone is happy.
And now you want the quality to be preserved. That’s possible!

Repair subscription

Has an employee got stuck on a door handle or a sharp edge?
Not only sloppy and unfortunate but also a chance of losing the protective effect.
One phone call and the clothes will be picked up quickly.
Our repair service will then get to work and ensure that the item of clothing returns as good as new.

We provide repair service on a good-priced subscription, with the fastest imaginable solution.
In case of emergencies, we even provide temporary loaner clothing.
We are flexible, so we are happy to discuss the most efficient and favorable subscription form for you.
The clothing is always collected and returned to you after the repair.

In addition to repairs, we also have an affordable service for washing your work clothes.


A subscription to both washing and repair is the most complete service we can offer.
We make favorable agreements for regular washing and repairs on demand.

Would you like to know more about our subscription prices?
Call: +31 6 537 841 99 or contact us by using the form.


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