Complete Service

Cleaning – and repair service

All employees in your freezer or cold store environment have been given a new look. It looks beautiful and works well. Well organized, everyone happy. And now you don’t want to worry about it anymore. That’s possible, because Tessuto offers full service for maintenance. We wash the clothes in frequency that we agree together. 1x a week or 2x a month? You say it. Washingservice only in NL.
Has an employee got stuck on a door handle or a sharp edge? Not only sloppy and unfortunate, but also a chance of losing the protective effect. Our repair service gets to work quickly and ensures that the garment returns neatly.
We offer the washing and repair service in a monthly or annual subscription. We are flexible, so we would be happy to discuss the most efficient and favorable subscription form with you. The clothing is always collected and delivered to you after repair or washing.

Repair service

In an emergency or subscription Pick up – repair – bring

Laundry service

Subscription – frequency in consultation

Pick up – wash – bring

Help needed?

Are you interested in our custom-made services, or do you have any questions? Then contact one of our specialists today!