Wassen bedrijfskleding bij Tessuto
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Washing / Cleaning Service

Do you want to maintain the high quality of the new workwear? Then have the clothing professionally washed regularly. This keeps the insulating effect also longer.

Laundry subscription
Tessuto offers full service for the best preservation of quality.
We wash the clothes in the frequency that we agree with you.
1 x a week? 2 x a month? You can decide.

We offer the laundry service in a subscription. We are flexible, so we are happy to discuss the most efficient and favorable subscription form for you. The clothes are always collected and delivered back to you after cleaning.

In addition to a laundry subscription, we can also take out a discounted service subscription for repairs.

Combi subscription
A subscription to both washing and repair is the most complete service we can offer. We make favorable agreements about regular washing and repair when necessary.

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